Ministry Training Course

Growing love for God’s Word, God’s Church and God’s World

For church members, interns and apprentices from churches across the North East.

The Course

Core Convictions - interactive sessions, getting to grips with Mark’s Gospel. (Through which principles of exposition, Bible handling tools, small groups dynamics and application will all be taught.)

Ministry Matters - seminars covering spiritual health, practical ministry, and key questions.

Firm Foundations - laying foundations of Gospel Change, a Bible overview, and evangelism.


Sessions led by David Dargue, Ian Garrett and others.


24 Thursdays a year, starting 17th September 2020

(17th Sep - 26th Nov except 29th Oct; 14th Jan - 25th Mar except 18th Feb; 22nd Apr - 13th May)

Hosted on Zoom


Cost: free. Participants need to purchase their own copies external resources we'll use, estimated at £50.

*location and cost will be reviewed on a termly basis, in light of COVID-19


Recommended by church leadership

At least 2 hours a week of additional study

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